The smartphone space is becoming more and more saturated with numerous new products launching every day. It’s no longer enough to just have your phone; it has to be the best one out there. One of the most significant ways in which manufacturers can differentiate their phones is by offering unique features that are only available on their devices.

Innovation is a driving force for smartphones and 5G will be one of the major driving forces for the industry over the next few years. This article discusses how 5G will play a crucial role in future Xiaomi smartphones, as well as what you should expect from them.

What is 5G?

5G is the next evolution of cellular communications. It promises higher data speeds, greater capacity, and improved reliability. By delivering data at a rate of around 1.5Gbps, 5G can achieve a data rate 1,000 times faster than the 4G LTE standard that is used today.

5G is not a single technology but an umbrella term for a number of different technologies that will each have a different focus and end users. One of the most important factors of 5G is the increased range that it can achieve. This means that you will be able to use your phone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, giving your devices internet access even when there is no signal in your immediate vicinity.

How will 5G help Xiaomi smartphones?

5G will be a major driving force for the industry, but it will take some time for all devices to get standardized. For this reason, we can’t expect 5G smartphones to launch until 2020. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is currently the only 5G phone that we know is coming out soon, but the company has stated its intent to launch a 5G smartphone in the future.

This device is expected to be the Redmi Note 12. 5G will facilitate a number of exciting features, including improved real-time connectivity and RCS-based messaging that can support rich media like photos, videos, and documents. Given how 5G is expected to be more robust and resilient against interference, it will also allow for more reliable two-way communications, which will be a boon for remote collaboration.

Xiaomi’s 5G phones roadmap

Xiaomi has adopted a steady and methodical approach when it comes to developing its 5G technology. After launching its Mi 9 5G trial phone in April, the company will begin commercial 5G telecom services in India in the third quarter of next year. After that, the Mi 9 5G will be the only 5G phone from Xiaomi. After that, the company has stated that it would like to launch a 5G phone in China and Europe, but has not provided details about when or if that will happen.

The Mi 9 5G is expected to be the only 5G phone from Xiaomi as the company is focusing on standardizing its technology for the time being. The Chinese tech giant will be using Ericsson’s 5G tech, which means that the Mi 9 5G will be one of the first 5G smartphones to launch with 5G technology. But what kind of 5G features do we expect on the Mi 9 5G?

Pro and cons of 5G in smartphones

With 5G, you can expect to experience faster speeds, increased capacity, and improved reliability when using your device. However, there are some downsides to 5G, including higher costs and strain on the network. One of the benefits of 5G is that it is expected to allow for more robust and resilient connectivity. It may be difficult to predict how this will impact daily life for smartphone users, but it could have advantages for connectivity in rural areas where the current cellular infrastructure is often riddled with issues. Real-time connectivity will be one of the most prominent features of 5G.

This could allow for new kinds of augmented reality and virtual reality applications, as well as remote control capabilities for IoT devices like security cameras.

What should Xiaomi expect from a 5G phone?

Given that Xiaomi does not have access to the full set of 5G specifications, it’s difficult to know for certain what the company’s expectations should be for a 5G phone. At the very least, it should aim to launch with 5G support and continue to launch with 5G support as new phones are released. Given the Mi 9’s incredible performance and its low price, we don’t expect the Mi 9 5G to perform much better than the Mi 9 when it comes to 5G features.

The Mi 9 is already one of the best phones you can buy for daily use, so if the Mi 9 5G doesn’t add anything significant to the phone, then current users aren’t likely to notice.


With 5G becoming a reality, smartphones will become even more important for consumers. The improved connectivity will allow for more robust internet browsing and real-time video streaming. 5G will also enable new kinds of connectivity, like remote control and networking. But these features will only be accessible to users who have access to 5G networks.

Xiaomi’s next phone should try to provide the best experience possible for 5G technology, even if most users can’t access it.

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