Nowadays in most android smartphones, we can find apps from the side of Google. In many smartphones, we can find the apps of google as the default app. We can find some of the major and most-used apps from the side of Google in our android smartphones like Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, Drive, Play Music, Photos, Hangouts etc. Besides this, we can find other apps nowadays, the DUO app.

Google Duo: A Simpler Way To Video Chat

DUO is a messenger app made by Google. It is one of the online apps for calling and receiving calls like Facebook messenger and Skype from Microsoft. DUO is a messenger app from the side of Google which allows users to make a call and stay connected with their friends and families online.

Like messenger by Meta (Previously known as Facebook), you can make a video call and voice call as your choice. Duo app is a free app which enables the user to make a call (face call and voice call) throughout the world by using a mobile number.

Users can find many cool features in the Duo app as compared to other messenger apps. The unique feature that we can get in the Duo app is the ‘Knock Knock feature. Knock Knock features allows the user to see the face and live video of the caller before answering the call. The duo app is one of the best and easy apps to make a call and receive a call-in online.

Google Duo: Instant Face-to-Face Communication With Friends

Duo video call is the process of receiving or making a video call on an online basis using the messenger app of Google. Users can easily use duo video calls to make and receive a call from friends, families and the saved number in contacts.

To make a duo video call the user has to search for the number or select the number to who wants to make a call. Duo app video call is one of the free video calling apps which will help to connect you with your families and friends in online for free.

Users using duo video calls gets a lot of features which will help them to make this messenger app more friendly. In duo video calls you can get the Knock Knock option or features by default which will help to see or view the live video of the caller before receiving the video call.

It means that the receiver can see the live video of the caller before receiving the call.

What is google duo used for ?

Google Duo is one of the best video calling apps for android and for different platforms which allows users to make video calls in HD Quality. Duo video call works fine in the low network also. The duo app is based on contacts saved in our phonebook just like an IMO app.

Google Duo is used for making an online video calls to your friends and families for free. It is used for making high-quality video calls on a low network.

Google duo is available for different platforms like android smartphones, tablets, iOS, Computers, and smart displays. Google duo helps to make people stay together in every moment with their friends and families. It is also used for connecting the world and users with free video call services.

Features of Google DUO App

There are many features that we get from the Duo app (what is the duo app) in addition. Google DUO video call allows the caller to make a call in 720p HD quality which makes video calls clearer.

Duo video call app is optimized for low-bandwidth mobile networks which helps to run this app in the low network too. Another useful and unique feature that we get in the duo app is “Knock Knock”.

Knock Knock is a feature which allows the receivers to see a live video preview before handling the calls. Users can see the live preview of the caller before receiving the calls.

The duo is one of the safe and best video calling apps where all the user data are encrypted or we can say that duo has features of end-to-end encryption. The users can share the moments and videos as a message if the receiver can’t pick up the call.

It means that the duo users can send a voice message as a moment to the contacts easily. All the calls and group calls and conservation made on Google Duo are safe and secure. So, no need to worry about security issues.

How does Google Duo work?

To use Google Duo, you have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the app for your device (Android or iPhone).
  2. Install and Open it like a normal app.
  3. Agree with the terms and conditions of Google.
  4. Enter the mobile number through which you want to use this app.
  5. Enter the confirmation code send in that number and verify it.
  6. Allow permission like Camera, Storage, and Microphone to use this app.
  7.  Finally Done!

Using these simple steps, you can easily sign in with Google Duo and use it easily and freely to make a call with your friends, families and others.


Is Google Duo free to use?

Like Gmail, YouTube, G Maps, Photos, and Google The duo is also a free app to use. Google duo doesn’t charge any costs for its services.

What are Knock Knock features in the Duo app?

Knock Knock is a feature or option in the Google duo app which makes the receiver see the caller’s live video preview before handling the calls. Knock Knock features makes the video call receiver to identify who is calling by showing the live video without audio to the call receiver.

Can you disable Knock Knock on Google Duo?

Users can disable these features or options in the google duo app easily. To disable this feature in the duo app you have to go to Settings and tap on the Knock Knock option. After that, you have to scroll down and tap on or off or swipe to the left of the enabled gesture.

Can you make group video calls on Google Duo?

Users can make a group video call in a duo app like WhatsApp. Users can get the features of ‘Face to face with up to 8 people in the duo app.

Can we make voice calls on Google Duo?

Duo app is a messenger app like WhatsApp and FaceTime. So, it is sure that google duo has an option of making voice calls also including a video call.

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