Google play points heard it somewhere, does the term sounds familiar to you? Yep, you all guess it right, I am talking about the ‘Google Play Store – Play Points’ as we all know Play store is a go-to destination for Android users and  the most popular app store from where we download our apps according to our needs like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

So, if we define the play store, it is a marketplace for shopping apps in categories like Social, Education, Games, Entertainment, Utilities and many more. As we say technology grows with days and years passing same is the case with our lovely app store, it is not what it was once in the sweet early days of android. We only use our store just to download apps but it is not only that anymore, nowadays it’s a one-stop solution for everything. You might be thinking how so let me guide you through it.


I am taking you to the point about what are these play points and how to use them but first know the concept a little bit more about the play store as it will be worth your time and might benefit you.

Like I was saying a play store is no more a place to only download apps but E-Books, Movies, Games, Audiobooks, Comics etc. You might be wondering why I am telling you all this information, right? It’s because as we all download apps, games, movies, etc from the play store these can be free as well as paid too, yep many of you might not be in contact with the paid section of the play store but it has one, don’t believe me head over to your play store and head to the ‘Top Charts Section’ and change the ‘Top Free’ category to ‘Top Paid’ one and kaboom you found all the paid apps there.

Most people only use the free section, but certain groups of people buy apps, e-books etc. from the play store and this blog post will help you get better prices for all your shopping needs.

Have you all heard about the popular home screen launcher app ‘Nova Launcher’, I know the ‘Tech Enthusiasts‘ reading this are aware of the launcher, the point here is that the app has both free and paid versions available and the paid one costs ₹100 normally and on special occasions like Christmas, New year sale etc. the same app can be seen somewhat around to ₹10 at a bizzaring 90% off. But imagine if there was a way to get the same app for free on these special sales at totally 100% off and that’s where the Google Play points come into consideration.

What exactly are Google Play Points?

These are Google’s way of rewards in return for your purchases made on the play store or you can simply say these are similar to Paytm cashback points which can be then converted to a certain amount of money at a certain limit set by Google.

No, these are not a cryptocurrency and are NOT in any sense related to them and these can be only redeemed for purchases made against the play store.

The basic idea behind the play points is the more you spend is the more you earn, but don’t worry I’ll help you to earn these points without even spending a dime and instead use the points to earn more of the same.

The question that arises next in your mind is how to start gaining these points, the answer is quite simple… Just Signup for them.

How to get the play points?

Let’s start with our journey to earn bonuses.

• Open your play store app.

• Head to the menu section by clicking on the profile icon whether it be the profile picture or the initial of your name.

• Click on the play points option right above the settings option.

• Select join for free.

• Fill in your normal details.

Bazinga these were the steps to get enrolled in the free service by Google.

Now after signing up, you will be redirected to the main page where all the fun begins, and the magic happens. You can see three sections listed as

• Earn

• Use

• Perks

From the name, it is quite clear about the functionality of these sections, in ‘Earn’ section you can check for different tasks to complete before earning the play points, the ‘Use’ section simply have access to all the apps and offers you can convert the play points into here these can be converted into INR or any other in-game currency etc, and the ‘Perks’ section this is where you can test your own luck to earn play points, it is weekly lucky draw concept where you can earn up to the certain amount of play points ranging to a maximum amount depending upon the level you are on.


Here’s the real catch where this reward system is impressive but not as beneficial as it is in other countries. The real thing or if I say the catch here is that we Indians who are about to try this for the first time might be excited to buy the favourite apps of our choice with this may face a setback because for me whose been using this service for more than a year now, way before it came to India can simply tell you the difference between both from the experience of using both Indian as well as US play points service.

Let me explain this with the help of an example, for explaining I’ll take the example of the Bouncer app the app costs $1 in the US and ₹100 in India. So, from rough conversion, you can see the app costs much less in the US compared to the Indian market but the difference doesn’t stop here only because now enters the play point service.

Let’s assume we have to buy the app using play points at the bronze level only we have to gather 100 points to convert them and this is exactly where the catch lies because after collecting 100 points when you convert them in USD, you’ll get $1 the same amount as the cost of the app but when you convert those 100 points in INR you only receive ₹1 yes, you read that right, 1 Indian rupee which is 99 times less than the cost of the app.

The point that I’m trying to state is not that the app is cheap or costly in one market but it is the difference between the amount we’re getting on converting these points. Simply if you analyse in USD you are going to buy the app in one go whereas in INR it’s going to take you 99 more times to get the app, where instead of collecting the points to buy the app for free either you are going to buy it with your own money or skip the app and look for alternatives.

Now the question is on you whether you are gonna actually use the service in India or not. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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