If you are a heavy smartphone user then it’s time to set certain limits for your phone. Yes, nowadays time becomes very essential for us. That’s the screen time features of Android can be very useful for you. Today we are with the tutorial on How to Check Screen Time on Android.

Screen Time is the time spent by users on their smartphones. with the new features of Digital well-being, your smartphones track your screen for each second and show the report of time on your screen.

In simple, it’s the time spent by users with their phones in a day. Nowadays, this screen time feature plays an important role to monitor any activities of users.

What is Digital well-being?

Digital well-being is the inbuilt feature on the latest android phone that features control over your phone’s system features. It’s a system feature and app that lets the users take effective control over their tasks and timing on the phone.

With Digital Wellbeing users can easily get the full statistics about their daily usage. It shows the frequency and usage of each app and feature on the phone.

This app is also known as Digital Wellbeing & Parental Control. It’s one of the super parental apps that monitors the Notifications received and Times open (behaviour) including screen time.

How to Check Screen Time on Android?

To check screen time on any android you need to configure some settings at first. Depending on your Android you may have some different steps to see the screen time on an Android phone.

Today here we are going to show you how to check screen time on Redmi, Samsung and Other phones.

How to Check Screen Time on Android Redmi (Xiaomi Phones)

If you are a Xiaomi phone user then you can easily get access to these features. With the help of Digital Wellbeing on any Android phone you can enable these features and check the screen time.

  • Open the Settings of your Xiaomi Phone.
  • Scroll the settings and find the Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.
  • Here it will show the pie chart on the different headings (app).
  • Just tap on the mid-part of the circle showing the Today(Hours and Minutes).
  • Here you will get the Screen Time Dashboard,
  • Now here you can find all the apps opened and the time spent by the users.
  • It will show the Total time spent today by the users with each app and it’s screen time on Xiaomi Phones.

How to Check Screen Time on Samsung Phones

Like on Xiaomi phones, you can consider the same process to check the screen time on Samsung phones too. Here’s how to check screen time on Samsung,
  • Open the Settings app on your Samsung phone.
  • Scroll down and find/tap the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls there.
  • Now tap on Show your data.
  • Also, you can tap on the Graph to see the weekly screen time on your Samsung phone.
That’s the simple method to check screen time on Android including your Samsung phones.

How Do I See Last Week’s Screen Time on Android?

If you want to see the screen time of your past days or weeks then you need to set the date for it. Depending upon your needs you can check the screen time history on your android easily.
  • Go to Digital Wellbeing and tap on the Dashboard.
  • From the dashboard, you can find the date-specific report.
  • Scroll the date to the previous days, for that tap on the ‘<’ icon shown on the left side of today’s date.
  • Move to the days on which you want to explore the reports.
  • That’s it.


How to Check Notifications received on the Phone?

To check the number of notifications received by your phone on a specific date you can use Digital wellbeing.
  • Open Digital Wellbeing and it shows the dashboard.
  • Tap on the Screen time dropdown.
  • Select the Notifications received there.
  • Now here you get the notifications received by your phone.

How to add Screen time Widget Android in Home Screen?

If you want to get easy access to your screen time then you can add the widget to your screen. For this,
  • Go to the Home Screen of your phone.
  • Make sure there’s enough space to place the widgets. If not you can remove or move your app shortcut icons to the next tab of your home page.
  • Now tap and hold your screen on the Home page. It will show the options like Widgets, Home Settings Wallpaper etc.
  • Tap on the Widgets there.
  • Find the Digital Wellbeing widgets there,
  • Just tap and hold it to the desired location on your home page.

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